Easy Street Series of JAM TRACKS,
Key of “A”
10 Tracks – 60 bpm to 150 bpm.
12 Bar Song Pattern.

This Series of Easy Street “GREEN PICK” Jam Tracks are intended for the beginner guitarist. The color green qualifying the track as “EASY”. The track is straight forward without the clutter that many beginners find distracting or confusing to follow and somewhat more interesting to listen to than a clicking, beeping metronome. This Jam Track is entitled “Easy Street” because it doesn’t get any easier than this to play along with and follow.

I created these series of Jam Tracks for easy accessibility for my private students including the world now that I have them posted on YouTube. These Jam Tracks are an excellent tool for practicing and playing along with to help students work on their timing, understand the elements of time, foster, ingrain, and develop your Internal Clock.

These tracks only have bass guitar and drums. The emphasis here is on the simple factor. Each instrument is playing very simple stuff. The kick drum is always on beats 1 & 3 and the snare drum is on beats 2 & 4. The chord changes, the bar number, and the beats are displayed on the screen so it is easy to follow along. The cymbal crashes identify chord changes throughout the 12 bars. The arrangement is easy also, a standard 12 bar arrangement in the key of “A”. AAAADDAAEDAE.

Many beginners get confused or find it difficult to play along with other instruments and that’s why all other instruments are excluded and the bass line is simply punching out quarter notes.

There are 10 Easy Street Jam Tracks with tempos ranging from 60bpm to 150bpm. The bass guitar is simply playing the A-D-E Root Notes. This allows the Jammer to use major, minor, 7th, power chords, or whatever the Easy Street Jammer’s chord/scale preference is.

I hope this helps those pursuing the early stages of their guitar learning journey.

Easy Street – Key of A – 60 bpm

Easy Street – Key of A – 70 bpm

Easy Street – Key of A – 80 bpm

Easy Street – Key of A – 90 bpm

Easy Street – Key of A – 100 bpm

Easy Street – Key of A – 110 bpm

Easy Street – Key of A – 120 bpm

Easy Street – Key of A – 130 bpm

Easy Street – Key of A – 140 bpm

Easy Street – Key of A – 150 bpm